$250.00 USD

Soul Body Alignment Session

"The Neuro-Biological Healing of Psychological Suffering"

Cut through hours of analysis and talk, and instead, directly identify and break through blocks or patterns which are keeping you from your own authority and ease, so YOU can feel into your own brilliance - and create the life you desire.

Using a combination of energy management, somatic theory, channeled information, and the mysteries of science, including David Grand's Brainspotting technique, Janet helps tap into the resonance of each individual as a way to harness the innate neuro-biological intelligence within.  


Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and tap into the immense power of your body for personal happiness and fulfillment. Uncover your body's innate guidance to unlock internal systems which may be keeping you in unhealthy patterns, relationships, or experiences.


  • Soothe your nervous system and feel more peaceful.
  • Uncover & heal physical & emotional blocks in order to live more freely.
  • Able to take action and know what your nexts steps are to create a life of joy.

In these private, individually curated sessions, receive 1:1 support for  freedom, ease, and joy.

Uncover your personal genius and live a life of peace and happiness!