Breakthrough To Intimacy 2024 Challenge

A Women’s Coalition Challenge for Empowerment in Joyful Intimacy.

During this Challenge, learn key steps to shift you from discomfort and disconnection from your body and resistance to intimacy, to comfort, connection, and primed for love.

  • Find a new confidence in yourself. Take back what media, the fitness industry, peer groups, family patterns, or trauma have taken away.
  • Feel like the most attractive person you know in your current body, unaffected by what people think, or whether you are the right size, or shape, or ability.
  • Ignite pleasure in your body - the way it is right now.
  • Reveal Your Intimacy Type, enabling you to start and stay in relationships the way that is easiest and best for you.
  • Transform insecurity about your body into satisfaction, and your reluctance to be intimate into a joyful “ready to go!”

Each evening, join a live online group with like-minded women to share and integrate the topic with community, lecture, and group practices. Overcome the beliefs, insecurities and conditioning that create suffering about the body you have which can lead to avoidance of intimacy.  Learn how you can feel safe, confident and open for satisfying connection! 

What People Are Saying:

“Janet's course quite literally changed my life. She guided me to undo years of trauma and she expertly lead me to reconnect to my body in a healthy and expansive way. Her genuine compassion allowed me to safely express feelings I didn't even know were keeping me captive in patterns that were holding me back from my true self. Her intuitive prowess knew when to hold space and when to dig deeper which allowed a true reconnection to the wisdom on my own body. Being equipped with the tools of her course, I have been able to deepen the connection to myself, move forward in challenging relationships, step into my true potential, embrace my true worth and enjoy a better relationship with my husband. The only regret I have is that I wasn't equipped with the tools of this course sooner.”

~ Kaci Wright Johnson, Texas