Build Body Confidence and Deeply Satisfying Intimacy 

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Breakthrough to Intimacy 2024

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Find Pleasure In Your Body and Feel Ready for Soul Satisfying Intimacy in Your Current or Next Relationship!

February 19-22, 2024

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Do you avoid closeness because of discomfort with your body?

Are intimate connections eluding you?

Do you desire deeper, more meaningful relationships?


Ready to discover the secret to genuine, passionate love?


Join us to uncover the key to deeper connections!

End the cycle of self-doubt and disappointment.

Unleash a joyous, self-assured presence that awakens and magnetizes love and desire - just the way you are!


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Breakthrough To Intimacy Challenge 2024

A 4-Day FREE Online Women’s Body Confidence and Intimacy Training Event Find Pleasure In Your Body and Feel Ready for Soul Satisfying Intimacy in Your Current or Next Relationship! January 8, 9, 10, & 11









 To enjoy intimacy, enjoy your body.  

Sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

But when we can’t stand the way we look, or feel disconnected from how we feel, a close intimate relationship can seem like an impossible dream. Sure we want all that awesome, mind-blowing passion we see in the movies…

But what do you do when just taking off your clothes feels hard?

Lights off.  

Carefully draped sheets.  

Wait until he’s asleep to get up.  

Connections avoided.

Anything except let him see you as you really are. As a result, it's impossible to be as intimate as we want to be, and 

relationships never quite reach the level of connection that we crave.


build body confidence and deep satisfying intimacy

Day One

Boost Body confidence

"Your Body Is Not An Appearance:

Step One to Move from Self-Sabotage to Sensational

build body confidence and deep satisfying intimacy

Day Two

Unblock Barriers

 "Your Body Is the Answer:

Connecting to Your Relationship Guru"

build body confidence and deep satisfying intimacy

Day Three

Reveal Your Intimacy Type

"Decode How YOU Feel Safe AND Sexy:

Relationship Building Skills"

build body confidence and deep satisfying intimacy

Day Four

Ignite Your Pleasure Map

"Chart What Makes You Feel Good - However, and In Whatever Way"


There is always a part holding back - uncomfortable, embarrassed, or closed off.

What is supposed to be a time of connection and joy becomes a time of suffering.

It can be different.

We actually can have a fantastic physical connection with cellulite on our thighs and stretch marks on our bellies - no matter our pasts!


Build Body Confidence and Deeply Satisfying Intimacy


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Oh, we know we're supposed to “love ourselves”, right?  But somehow when it’s our body, we just can’t.  "Not my body!".

Not diets, exercise, different clothes and styles.

Not yoga and meditation, and positive affirmations.


Somehow that deep belief just doesn’t go away.


Not looking “the way I do”.

And through it all is the constant and deep desire to be sexy, feel sexy, and be desired by him. To feel his desire and be open to love.

The cycle of wanting to be attractive when we absolutely ‘know’ we are unattractive

(at least those “gross parts”) is exhausting.



  • Your most important mindset shift to take you from believing your body is too fat, too thin, too much, or not enough for love - into understanding how to connect with your body as the best of you!

  •  How to stop thinking about how to overcome your body as something to fix, and instead learn how to connect with your body as something to enjoy.

  •  Chart your pleasure map

  •  Reveal your intimacy type, Discover what type of lover you are - physical, emotional, spiritual, social or intellectual. Or are you a combination? When you know the ways you are most comfortable to connect, you can nurture and expand when you know your strengths and challenges, you can build stronger relationships

  • Transform body insecurity into satisfaction, and your reluctance to be intimate into a joyful “ready to go!”


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build body confidence and deep satisfying intimacy
Janet Farnsowrth

My Story


I know this struggle.  After a childhood assault in which I learned my body was an unsafe and unhappy place to be, I pretty much gave up ever accepting it - let alone loving it.  I just knew it was too disgusting to ever be okay. 

I know what it feels like to be both completely disconnected from my body AND somehow at war with it.  I know personally how terrified I was to let someone see me - and how that terror kept me from being open to and receiving genuine romantic love.

I dieted, dressed up, cleansed, studied, hid, and paraded my own body in the hopes my attitude would change… And nothing changed.  Not that deep, afraid feeling inside I was too ugly.

Until I found that all of it somehow mattered less when I could finally just… love my body as it was...and love myself.

And when that happened, miraculously, I found love with another.  

Since that moment many years ago, I have had the privilege of being a body empowerment and intimacy coach, and have supported hundreds of women heal their own stories about their bodies as they recover from eating disorders, sexual trauma, childhood abuse, disability prejudice - and find love with a partner.


Ready to get started?

Today is the day to build body confidence and deeply satisfying intimacy.